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If you would  like an appointment or have any questions about diagnostics and therapy, please contact me at:

0351 82 6175 88

 0170 9387964







Heiko Förster



  • registered Nurse
  • State-certified alternative practitioner
  • Therapist for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  •  Therapist for Tuina (chinese manual therapy/ Physiotherapie)
  • Tai Chi/ Qi Gong Teacher
  • Akupunkteur
  • Ongoing training biological Medicine



  • Exercise instructor prevention
  • Stress management trainer
  • Pilates trainer
  • Cardiac Exercise Instructor


Focal points of the practice

 I.  Diagnostics

     1. classical laboratory diagnostics

     2. classic anamnesis

     3. Diagnostics of the gastrointestinal microbiom

     4. Diagnostics according to the rules of Tradional Chinese Medicine

 II. Therapy

    1. All forms of chronic pain, especilly:

   - Pain of the muscoloskeletal system

   - Migraine

   - temporomandibular joint disorders

   2. Chronic infections

   - Weakness of the defence

   - recurrent infections

   3. Gastrointestinal diseases

   4. Burn out/ chronic fatigue/ Exhaustion

   5. Tinnitus

   6. Chronic reccurent urinary tract infections

   7. Somatisation disorders


III. Therapy methods

   1. Akupunktur (Ear- and Bodyacupuncture)

   2. Tuina (chinese manual therapy/ Physiotherapie)

   3. Infusion therapy

   4. Phytotherapy

   5. Nutritional counselling

   6. Stress management (Tai Chi/ Qi Gong)

   7. Exercise therapy/ strengthening